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Learn to use the wisdom of your emotions
to live your true self!

Psychological Flexibility
Was ist das Problem?

If you fight, you can't listen! 

Our minds may have a different opinion, but our emotions are our allies - all of them! They offer wisdom and guidance for our personal growth. The question is whether we listen when they appear.

Listening to pleasant emotions is usually easy. However, when we encounter uncomfortable emotions, we tend to fight them and, therefore, cannot listen to what they have to say about what we truly need in our life. We fight because we don't know how else to interact with these emotions.

Psychological flexibility is the answer to that dilemma. It empowers us to be present in the face of all emotions, to open up to them, and to use their wisdom to live our true selves.

Training Offer
My Motivation
About me


540 Euros total price

(90 Euros for each additional session)

Mann in den Bergen

Psychological Flexibility Training

My specialized training program includes the following modules, skills, and learning objectives:


MODULE 1: Be Present (1 Session)

  • The noticing self: You learn to take an observational perspective on your thoughts and emotions, so you can create a safe place from which you can look at them more clearly.

  • Flexible attention: You learn to consciously direct your focus, so you can concentrate on what is essential in the here and now in the presence of any emotion.

MODULE 2: Open Up (3 Sessions)

  • Defusion: You learn to unhook from unhelpful thoughts about your emotions, so you can open up to meeting them.

  • Acceptance: You learn how to make room for any emotion, so you can engage with them and allow them to inform you.   

  • Self-Compassion: You learn to listen to your emotions with compassion, so they can guide you closer towards your true self.


MODULE 3: Use The Wisdom (2 Sessions)

  • Values: You learn to reflect on and connect with the key messages conveyed by your emotions, so you can use them as a compass for your actions. 

  • Committed action: You learn how to effectively follow the guidance of your emotions, so you can authentically progress on your personal journey. 

Please note: The complete training spans a total of 6 weeks with one session per week, each lasting 60 minutes. Individual scheduling adjustments are possible. Sessions can be conducted online or in person, in either English or German.

My Motivation

I see myself as an ambassador for Psychological Flexibility. Why? Because it helps me listen to my emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones such as fear, and thereby be more of my true self. With my training offer, I want to help you use the wisdom of your emotions, so you can become who you came to be.

Experience & Training

Experience & Training


02.2024 – today

Trainer for Psychological Flexibility  

01.2019 – 01.2024

Coaching and counseling for professional development and reorientation


03.2024 – today

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for depression and anxiety disorders

Institute for Better Health – Instructor: Dr. Russ Harris


License as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy

Granted by the City of Frankfurt am Main

11.2021 – 07.2022

Basic psychotherapeutic training, multimodal short-term psychotherapy, and crisis intervention 

Institute for Communication and Health

03.2021 – 08.2021

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as brief intervention

Institute for Better Health – Instructor: Dr. Russ Harris

01.2021 – 06.2021

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for beginners

Institute for Better Health – Instructor: Dr. Russ Harris

11.2018 – 06.2019

Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice
Full Circle Global, International Coaching Federation 


Berger Str. 178
60385 Frankfurt am Main


+49 1575 2928405


by appointment

Online possible


Thank you!

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